Nissan Skyline GTS-R 

  • built in Japan
  • 1983
  • 394 HP
At launch, the R31 was available as either a 4-door sedan or a 4-door hardtop, but in May of the following year a coupe was added to the lineup.

Data points Key details of the Nissan Skyline GTS-R

Number built

Skyline GTS-R
800 cars
4 cars
300 cars


Skyline GTS-R
394 HP
Agera R
1,115 HP
987 HP

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Nissan Skyline GTS-R
The GTR-S was a pure sports model, equipped with a Garrett high-caliber turbocharger and stainless steel exhaust manifold, increasing engine output from the GTS’s 190PS to 210PS (both net values).
The 6-cylinder twin-cam engine, last used on the C110, was reintroduced with the R31 and together with its breakthrough HICAS 4-wheel steering system and card entry system (both world firsts), this model attracted much attention.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Nissan
Type of car Race car
Year 1983
Number built 800 cars


Gearing Traditional

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Disc

power & handling

Power-to-weight ratio 6.49 lb/hp
Maximum hp 394 HP @ 7,200 RPM
Maximum torque 303 ft-lb @ 6,000 RPM
Steering system Rack and pinion


Fuels Gas

physical dimensions

Curb weight 2,558 lb
Width 66.5 in
Height 0.5 in
Length 183.5 in
Front track width 57.5 in
Wheelbase 103 in
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