Mitsubishi Concept-RA 

  • 2008
  • 201 HP
Developed as a technological showcase for Mitsubishi Motors, the Concept-RA displays athletic sport coupe proportions wrapped in dynamic flowing lines that provide a powerful and compelling showpiece for the car’s advanced, high technology features.
by Top Speed (Jan, 2008)
In an effort to reduce vehicle weight to improve fuel economy, vehicle performance and safety, MITSUBISHI Concept-RA features a new, rigid body structure using an aluminum space frame made from extruded aluminum sections and die-cast aluminum components.
by Top Speed (Jan, 2008)

Data points Key details of the Mitsubishi Concept-RA


201 HP
987 HP


310 ft-lb
922 ft-lb

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Mitsubishi Concept-RA
Concept-RA's deep red exterior hue graphically accentuates the coupe's fluid, muscular body lines, and offsets a matte black engine hood that helps impart the vehicle's strong mechanical flavor.
Concept RA's S-AWC system integrally manages these components to realize advanced levels of control over drive torque, steering input, vehicle roll, and braking at each wheel, thereby raising traction, cornering and vehicle stability levels.
The efficient, low emissions diesel unit delivers a maximum output of 201 hp (150 kW) and maximum torque of 310 ft. lbs.
Concept-RA’s deep red exterior hue graphically accentuates the coupe’s fluid, muscular body lines, and offsets a matte black engine hood that helps impart the vehicle’s strong mechanical flavor.

Mitsubishi Concept-RA

Car & Driver News
Rather, the Japanese automaker wants to fuse two areas once considered polar opposites: environmental sensitivity and high performance.
To accompany Mitsubishi's "green-focused" future, the Concept-RA has outer panels made of "high impact-resistance and easily recyclable plastic resin"—reminiscent of what is often returned at the supermarket for pennies.

2008 Mitsubishi Concept-RA

AutomobileMag News
Mitsubishi says the engine is good for a shocking 201 horsepower (that's almost 100 hp per liter - a figure that only the raciest gasoline engines achieve) and about 310 lb-ft of torque.
Unimaginative name aside, this bright red coupe gets your attention.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Mitsubishi
Year 2008


Drivetrain 4WD (S-AWC)
Gearing Traditional

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Disc

power & handling

Maximum hp 201 HP
Maximum torque 310 ft-lb
Steering system Rack and pinion


Fuels Diesel

physical dimensions

Width 74.6 in
Height 51.8 in
Length 175 in
Front track width 63.2 in
Wheelbase 103.7 in
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