Maybach 57 S 

  • built in Germany
  • 2010
  • 620 HP 6.0L
  • 155 mph
All this is academic, though: Mercedes's Maybach brand is about personalization, and you can order the 57, 57 S, or 62 with whichever trim options you please.
by MotorTrend (Apr, 2006)
AMG's 6.0-liter twin-turbo V-12 in the 57 S is a larger, modified version of the 57's 5.5-liter, 36-valve twin-turbo, and it's the same engine used in the S65 AMG.
by MotorTrend (Apr, 2006)

Road Tests Real world tests of the Maybach 57 S


Maybach 57 S
5.2 s
Venom GT
2.5 s

Top speed

Maybach 57 S
155 mph
Venom GT
270 mph

Data points Key details of the Maybach 57 S


Maybach 57 S
620 HP
Venom GT
1,200 HP


Maybach 57 S
737 ft-lb
Quattroporte S
361 ft-lb

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Maybach 57 S
Interior changes include .925 sterling silver "Maybach Manufaktur" badging in seat backrests, new seat stitching as well as new interior colors, trims and paints throughout the entire model line.

Maybach 57 S
Developed in cooperation with Mercedes-AMG, the 6.0-litre V12 biturbo engine provides impressive acceleration, powering the Maybach 57 S from zero to 62 mph in only five seconds.
By presenting a more powerful and individualised version of the Series 57 saloon, Maybach is responding to discerning customers' desire for even greater engine output and dynamic handling.

2006 Maybach 57S

AutomobileMag News
The effect is reminiscent of a cocaine dealer's living room, circa 1989, with a bit of carbon fiber tacked on.
Maybach found the most ungainly twenty-inch wheels this side of 8 Mile Road and shod them with Michelin Pilot Sport tires.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Maybach
Type of car Production car
Year 2010
City mileage 16 MPG
Highway mileage 12 MPG


Drivetrain RWD
Gearing Traditional
# of gears 5 gears
Gear ratios
  1. 1: 3.59:1
  2. 2: 2.19:1
  3. 3: 1.41:1
  4. 4: 1:1
  5. 5: 0.83:1
Axle ratio 2.82:1

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Disc
Front wheels 508/? 216
Rear wheels 508/? 216

physical dimensions

Curb weight 6,053 lb
Width 78 in
Height 61.9 in
Length 225.5 in
Front track width 65.9 in
Wheelbase 150.7 in

road tests

Top speed 155 mph
0-60mph 5.2 s

power & handling

Power-to-weight ratio 9.76 lb/hp
Maximum hp 620 HP @ 4,800 RPM
Maximum torque 737 ft-lb @ 2,000 RPM
Max RPM 6,050 RPM
Steering system Rack and pinion


Displacement 5,980 cc
Cylinders V12
Air compressor Turbocharger
Fuels Gas
Compression ratio 9:1
Bore/stroke 3.3 in / 3.7 in
Valvetrain Single overhead camshaft (SOHC)
Valves per cylinder 3 valves
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