Ferrari 458 Italia Spider 

  • $257k built in Italy
  • 2012
  • 570 HP 4.5L
  • 202 mph
The 458 Italia looks ultramodern and much sleeker than its two immediate predecessors, the F360 and F430.
by MotorTrend (Sep, 2009)
The Spider owner is a different beast; he too loves the performance and racing credentials, and the swagger that comes with the prancing horse badge.
by MotorTrend

Road Tests Real world tests of the Ferrari 458 Italia


458 Italia Spider
3.3 s

Top speed

458 Italia Spider
202 mph
Reventón Coupe
221 mph


458 Italia Spider
6.9 s

1/4 mile

458 Italia Spider
11.2 s

Nurburgring time

458 Italia Spider

Fiorano lap time

458 Italia Spider
599 GTB Fiorano
430 Scuderia

Data points Key details of the Ferrari 458 Italia


458 Italia Spider


458 Italia Spider
570 HP

Photo Gallery Wallpaper quality closeups of the car

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


Thanks to lighter-gauge aluminum body panels and a sprinkling of carbon-fiber composites, the 458's curb weight is held to 3400 pounds, less than 100 pounds more than the F430.
by AutomobileMag
He loves driving fast, primarily on the weekends when he goes for short, aggressive solo blasts through canyons and B-roads.
by MotorTrend
Extensive computer simulation and wind-tunnel work yield a slinky shape that seduces the air into providing more downforce (up to 794 pounds of it at 200 mph) with less drag than the F430 managed (the Cd drops from 0.34 to 0.33).
by MotorTrend (Nov, 2009)


Its seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission snaps off shifts so efficiently and quickly that the whole idea of a conventional manual transmission seems quaint, sort of like using a wood fire to heat your house instead of a high-efficiency gas furnace.
by Car and Driver (Oct, 2011)
Flat-foot upshifts from the dual-clutch seven-speed transmission are a delight, particularly in Race mode, but it's the piercing crispness of the impossibly quick downshifts that send follicles - among other things - standing on end.
by MotorTrend
In total, it's a substantial 79-horse and 55-pound-foot improvement over the F430 (483/343) and impressively, the motor drinks less fuel to the tune of 17 mpg U.S. (converted from EU combined cycle) and emits less harmful gases from its tri-tipped exhaust (320 g/km of CO2 versus 345 g/km).
by MotorTrend (Sep, 2009)


The V-8 itself is a remarkable technological and performance achievement.
by AutomobileMag (Dec, 2012)
The good ol' flat-plane crank cry of the 9,000-rpm V8 has been specifically engineered – we are unshakably sure now – to make the surrounding countryside know that a Ferrari is in the house.
by AutoBlog (Oct, 2011)
It’s all quite yummy, and that’s even before you take a gander through the rear glass and behold the redheaded Ferrari V-8 on display.
by AutomobileMag (Dec, 2012)


The steering is somewhat reminiscent of a Honda’s: slightly light, as though the front tires barely touch the ground.
by Car and Driver (Dec, 2009)
With an 11.5:1 ratio, the steering is unbelievably quick and surprisingly light, as though the front axle were barely touching the ground.
by Car and Driver (Nov, 2009)
The 458 franchise gets away with column-mounted paddles for the seven-speed DCT mainly because the carbon-fiber paddles are nice and long, but also because the steering lock-to-lock is a tight and nicely weighted 2.0 turns.
by AutoBlog (Oct, 2011)


The dual-clutch gearbox is incredibly fast, smooth, and responsive.
by AutomobileMag (Dec, 2012)
We think the standard launch control should be good for at least a 3.2-second sprint, with the quarter-mile vanishing in the mid-11s.
by Car and Driver (Nov, 2009)
The best we could muster from the standard F430 was a 4.04-second sprint.
by MotorTrend (Sep, 2009)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Ferrari
Price $257,000
Type of car Production car
Year 2012
City mileage 12 MPG
Highway mileage 18 MPG


Body style Coupe
Top type Hard removable


Drivetrain RWD w/E-Diff3
Shift system Manual
Gearing Traditional
# of gears 7 gears
Axle ratio 5.14:1
Paddle shifters N/A

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front suspension Double wishbone, Independent
Rear suspension Multi link, Independent
Front brakes 15.71 in Ventilated Disc
Rear brakes 14.21 in Ventilated Disc
Front wheels 235/35 20
Wheel material Steel
Rear wheels 508/? 20
Wheel material Steel

road tests

Top speed 202 mph
1/4 mile 11.2 s
0-60mph 3.3 s
0-100mph 6.9 s
20.6km nurburgring time 7:38.0
Fiorano track time 1:25.0
Drag coefficient 0.33

power & handling

Power-to-weight ratio 5.53 lb/hp
Maximum hp 570 HP @ 9,000 RPM
Maximum torque 398 ft-lb @ 6,000 RPM
Max RPM 9,000 RPM
Engine placement Rear
Weight distribution 42%/58%
Steering system Unknown


Displacement 4,499 cc
Cylinders V8
Air compressor None
Fuels Gas
Compression ratio 12.5:1
Bore/stroke 3.7 in / 3.2 in
Valvetrain Unknown
Valves per cylinder 4 valves

physical dimensions

Curb weight 3,153 lb
Width 76.3 in
Height 47.7 in
Length 178.2 in
Front track width 65.8 in
Wheelbase 104.3 in
Has a rear spoiler Yes
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