Eagle E-Type 

  • $975k
  • 2009
  • 348 HP 4.7L
  • 159 mph
The five-speed ’box that Eagle uses is fantastic, and immensely satisfying as you palm the polished silver ball and feel each gear slot home.
by EVO
Automotive engineering always seems to have been lagging behind the progress of aviation, so in some ways the Lanc and the E-type have a sort of technological parity that the chronologically truthful pairings of Lanc and MG TA (or Vulcan and E-type) do.
by EVO

Road Tests Real world tests of the Eagle E-Type


E-Type Speedster
5 s
2.7 s

Top speed

E-Type Speedster
159 mph
253 mph
220 mph

Data points Key details of the Eagle E-Type


E-Type Speedster


E-Type Speedster
348 HP
987 HP
750 HP

What People Are Saying Give it to me straight


You don’t really need to rev much beyond 4000rpm, which might sound pathetic but feels like plenty and you certainly pile on enough speed to keep the big AP Racing discs occupied.
by EVO
Instead Eagle takes an original 4.2 straight-six and bores it out to 4.7 litres to produce the required power and torque, thereby retaining the essential character and soul of the original.
by EVO
The starter motor turns the engine over for a moment or two before the straight-six catches and the deep burble erupts from the exhausts with a genuine brrrummm as you blip the throttle.
by EVO


Although it looks almost impossibly sleek, the floorpan and sills are actually slightly lower, adding a fraction more muscle to the profile.
by EVO
Now, the E-type is one of the best looking cars of all time and meddling with it would seem brave verging on foolish, but to my eyes the Speedster looks even better than the original.
by EVO


The steering’s heavy, accentuated by the smaller than standard Nardi steering wheel, and you can feel it in your forearms as you grip tightly to turn it, but it does give you a sense of security about what the front wheels are doing all the way out at the end of that long bonnet.
by EVO


These cars aren’t replicas and you won’t find any American V8s crated in and stuffed under the bonnets.
by EVO


Interestingly, despite the increased grip and security of the updated suspension and modern Pirelli P6000s, it’s the same balance and flowing technique you’d employ if the E-type were on skinny crossply tyres.
by EVO

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Eagle
Price $975,000
Year 2009

power & handling

Power-to-weight ratio 6.32 lb/hp
Maximum hp 348 HP
Maximum torque 340 ft-lb @ 3,600 RPM
Engine placement Front

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes 12.4 in drilled Ventilated Discs
Rear brakes 11 in drilled Ventilated Discs
Front wheels 225/55 16
Rear wheels 245/55 16

road tests

Top speed 159 mph
0-60mph 5 s


Drivetrain Rear wheel drive


Displacement 4,700 cc

physical dimensions

Curb weight 2,200 lb
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