Dodge Viper GTS 

  • $66k
  • 1997
  • 451 HP 8.0L
  • 192 mph
The aerodynamics were heavily reworked allowing the GTS to have far less drag and a higher top speed.
The later 1998 RT/10 received a new front fascia to take advantage of these new found aerodynamics.

Road Tests Real world tests of the Dodge Viper GTS


Top speed

Viper GTS
192 mph


Viper GTS
10 s
Viper SRT-10
7.6 s

1/4 mile

Viper GTS
12.2 s

Nurburgring time

Viper GTS
360 Modena

Data points Key details of the Dodge Viper GTS


Viper GTS
360 Modena


Viper GTS
451 HP
Viper SRT-10
603 HP

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Dodge Viper GTS
After receiving much attention in 1993 with the GTS Concept, Dodge released a production version three years later.
Many suspension components were cast in aluminum instead of iron.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Dodge
Price $66,000
Year 1997
Highest auction price $70k, January 2004

power & handling

Power-to-weight ratio 7.71 lb/hp
Maximum hp 451 HP @ 5,200 RPM
Maximum torque 491 ft-lb @ 3,700 RPM
Max RPM 6,000 RPM
Engine placement Front
Steering system Rack and pinion


Displacement 8,000 cc
Cylinders V10
Air compressor None
Fuels Gas
Compression ratio 9.6:1
Bore/stroke 4 in / 3.88 in
Valves per cylinder 2 valves

road tests

Top speed 192 mph
1/4 mile 12.2 s
0-60mph 4 s
0-100mph 10 s
20.6km nurburgring time 8:10.0
Hockenheim short lap time 1:15.90


Drivetrain Front Engine / RWD
Gearing Traditional
# of gears 6 gears
Axle ratio 3.07:1

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Disc
Front wheels 330/? 330
Rear wheels 330/? 330

physical dimensions

Curb weight 3,476 lb
Width 75.7 in
Height 47 in
Length 176.7 in
Front track width 59.6 in
Wheelbase 96.2 in
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