Audi RS 3 Sportback 

  • $65k
  • 2011
  • 335 HP 2.5L
  • 155 mph
You can say bye-bye to the crisp six-speed manual transmission of the RS4, as the RS5’s power is shunted only through a seven-speed dual-clutch automated manual.
by Car and Driver (Apr, 2010)
The handling is definitely what one would call forgiving, and at the limit, you appreciate the improvement from the more nose-heavy Audis of yore.
by Car and Driver (Apr, 2010)

Road Tests Real world tests of the Audi RS 3 Sportback


RS 3 Sportback
3.8 s
Infiniti G37
5.2 s

Top speed

RS 3 Sportback
155 mph
190 mph
TT RS Coupé
174 mph

1/4 mile

RS 3 Sportback
12.3 s

Data points Key details of the Audi RS 3 Sportback


RS 3 Sportback


RS 3 Sportback
335 HP
556 HP

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When we asked whether there would be a standard gearbox offered in the future, Fröhlich told us, sadly, that “the majority of customers in this segment are used to automatic transmissions.
by Car and Driver (Apr, 2010)
Unfortunately, the DQ500 seven-speed wet dual-clutch transmission will be the only choice in the RS 3.
by Car and Driver (Mar, 2011)
The torquey V-8 has a wide range of usable power, and no one is going to miss a turbo.
by Car and Driver (Apr, 2010)


It might not be as focused a drive as the BMW 1-Series M Coupe, but it has a broader range of abilities, as evidenced by its ability to easily, progressively, hold long four-wheel drifts on ice and snow and still have the balance to be flung between tarmac esses.
by EVO (Jan, 2011)
Still, its steering isn’t brilliant but the rear differential does its best to compensate, as does the gearbox.
by EVO (Jan, 2011)
The electromechanical power steering is light to the touch but precise, and there is none of the artificial heaviness we’ve noticed in other cars using similar setups.
by Car and Driver (Mar, 2011)


Top speed is governed at 155.
by Car and Driver (Mar, 2011)
High-revving in this case means up to an 8300-rpm redline, so long as the oil is up to temperature; the engine is protected by a 6000-rpm limiter otherwise.
by Car and Driver (Apr, 2010)
While Americans still settle for the 200-horspower Audi A3, our counterparts in Europe have had the option of buying its higher-performance stablemate, the S3 for quite some time.
by MotorTrend


While the A3 and S3 are both powered by a 2.0-liter turbocharged direct injection four-cylinder, the S3 having a slightly larger turbo and intercooler, the RS 3 will get the same 2.5-liter turbocharged direct-injection five-cylinder found in the TT-RS.
by MotorTrend
Well, it feels faster and a 4.6sec sprint to 60mph is just three tenths slower than the R8 V10 and the torque is so strong, it’s always ready to go.
by EVO (Jan, 2011)
It’s no secret that with this engine Audi wanted to show BMW that Munich isn’t the only German town capable of building high-revving V-8s.
by Car and Driver (Apr, 2010)


It’s essentially a TT RS with the added practicality of a five-door hatchback body, so there’s that sonorous five-pot turbo up front and all-wheel drive, while a seven-speed, double-clutch paddle shift gearbox comes as standard.
by EVO (Jan, 2011)
S. pricing should be somewhat more accommodating—we expect a base sticker somewhere around $70,000—and an Audi rep tells us we can expect all the chassis technology to make it across the Atlantic, although it’s not yet decided what will be standard or optional.
by Car and Driver (Apr, 2010)
Although this arrangement contradicts common aesthetic standards, nobody will notice unless he or she is under the car and paying very close attention.
by Car and Driver (Mar, 2011)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Audi
Price $65,369
Type of car Production car
Year 2011

power & handling

Maximum hp 335 HP @ 8,250 RPM
Maximum torque 331 ft-lb @ 4,000 RPM
Steering system Rack and pinion


Displacement 2,480 cc
Cylinders V8
Air compressor Turbocharger
Fuels Gas
Bore/stroke 3.2 in / 3.7 in
Valves per cylinder 4 valves

road tests

Top speed 155 mph
1/4 mile 12.3 s
0-60mph 3.8 s


Drivetrain quattro 4WD
Gearing Traditional
# of gears 7 gears

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Disc

physical dimensions

Width 79.5 in
Height 53.8 in
Length 183 in
Wheelbase 108.3 in
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