Aston Martin Vanquish Volante 

  • $298k built in England
  • 2013
  • 565 HP 5.9L
The quilting on the seats is also dubious as far as I’m concerned, but no doubt some of you think it all combines to create the nattiest cockpit since TVR went under.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
It’s a big car, so the extra width of the Californian roads undoubtedly helps the Vanquish, but the steering is also beautifully accurate and has a surprising amount of feel, so you’re always confident of placing the car where you want.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)

Data points Key details of the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante


Vanquish Volante


Vanquish Volante
565 HP
987 HP
GT 86
197 HP

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You feel the weight again as you hit the brakes and lean the car on the huge 398mm front discs and six-piston calipers (lifted from the Aston One-77 hypercar), a sensation which could be disconcerting.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
You can feel the weight of the Vanquish in the corners, but it’s well controlled and you certainly don’t notice it under acceleration.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
However, Aston does some of the very best carbon-ceramic brakes in the business in terms of feel, so through the ball of your foot you get a reassuring sense of how heavily the pads are biting, and you always know how near the limit you are.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)

Body style

It’s the first time the Vanquish name has been applied to a convertible, and it’s effectively a successor to the Aston DBS Volante.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
It costs a fiver under £200k, at £199,995, which means a price hike of around £9000 over the Vanquish coupe.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
The flowing nature of the roads here undoubtedly helps, as it’s easy to plot your course a decent way ahead and therefore plan the gearchanges in advance, but I never feel frustrated by the ’box in the same way that I sometimes have in the coupe.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)


Whilst the satnav screen still rises slightly awkwardly from the dash, it is at last packed with decent Garmin software and so is worth using.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
I’m not sure how many Smurfs were slaughtered to create the interior effect but I really don’t think it was worth it.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
That’s the point of personalisation, and there are 32 interior colours available while the gearbox’s paddle shifters can be leather trimmed (our test car’s being yellow).
by EVO (Jan, 2013)


The Volante has the same six-speed automatic and it certainly doesn’t have the snap of the best twin-cutch ’boxes available.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
Perhaps it’s as much a consequence of having the roof down and the exhaust noise rebounding off rock faces, but the Vanquish feels stunningly quick between the corners.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
One area in which the ‘AM11’ engine can easily hold its own is in the sound it orchestrates.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)


The square steering wheel isn’t the easiest on the eye either, but as soon as you take hold of it you are instantly won over, because in your palms it feels like the perfect size and shape.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)
It’s not as stiff as the same mode on the V12 Vantage S and it keeps the Vanquish tied down and agile.
by EVO (Jan, 2013)

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Aston Martin
Price $297,995
Type of car Production car
Year 2013


Drivetrain RWD w/LSD and Traction Control
Gearing Traditional
# of gears 6 gears

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Disc
Front wheels 508/? 229
Rear wheels 508/? 292

power & handling

Maximum hp 565 HP @ 6,750 RPM
Maximum torque 457 ft-lb @ 5,500 RPM


Displacement 5,935 cc
Cylinders V12
Air compressor None
Fuels Gas
Compression ratio 11:1
Bore/stroke 3.5 in / 3.13 in
Valvetrain DOHC
Valves per cylinder 4 valves
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