Aston Martin DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial 

  • built in England
  • 2013
  • 510 HP 5.9L
  • 191 mph
The smooth tail section gives it a great presence and the final result is unveiled today: a highly personalised and unique thoroughbred Aston Martin DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial, brimming with soul and style in thegreat tradition of Aston Martin Zagato.
The Aston Martin DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial is an exotic cross of Aston Martin DNA with Italian flair and Milanese inspiration, sporting a ‘double bubble’ roof design, reminiscent of Zagato cars from the 1950s.

Road Tests Real world tests of the Aston Martin DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial


DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial
4.3 s
2.7 s

Top speed

DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial
191 mph
253 mph
Mustang GT 5.0
151 mph


DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial
9.2 s
Nissan 350Z
13.8 s
5.1 s

1/4 mile

DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial
12.5 s
10.2 s

Data points Key details of the Aston Martin DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial

Number built

DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial
1 car
300 cars
4 cars


DBS Coupé Zagato Centennial
510 HP
987 HP
750 HP

In The News From around the web

Norihiko Harada, Zagato’s Chief Designer explains; “Redesigning the DBS was a difficult job.
The DBS is already one of the most beautiful modern sports cars around.

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Brand Aston Martin
Year 2013
City mileage 11 MPG
Highway mileage 17 MPG
Number built 1 car

power & handling

Power-to-weight ratio 6.86 lb/hp
Maximum hp 510 HP @ 6,500 RPM
Maximum torque 420 ft-lb @ 5,750 RPM
Max RPM 6,800 RPM
Weight distribution 43%/57%
Steering system Rack and pinion


Displacement 5,935 cc
Cylinders V12
Air compressor None
Fuels Gas
Compression ratio 10.9:1
Bore/stroke 3.5 in / 3.1 in
Valvetrain DOHC
Valves per cylinder 4 valves

road tests

Top speed 191 mph
1/4 mile 12.5 s
0-60mph 4.3 s
0-100mph 9.2 s


Drivetrain RWD w/LSD, DSC
Gearing Traditional
# of gears 6 gears
Gear ratios
  1. 1: 3.15:1
  2. 2: 1.95:1
  3. 3: 1.44:1
  4. 4: 1.15:1
  5. 5: 0.94:1
  6. 6: 0.76:1
Axle ratio 3.71:1

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes Disc
Rear brakes Disc
Front wheels 508/? 216
Rear wheels 508/? 279

physical dimensions

Curb weight 3,500 lb
Width 75 in
Height 50.4 in
Length 185.9 in
Front track width 62.4 in
Wheelbase 107.9 in
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