Toyota GT 86  vs Nissan 350Z 

Toyota GT 86

  • built in Japan
  • 2012
  • 197 HP 2.0L
  • 140 mph
Angle view of Toyota GT 86
5.5 Out of 10

Nissan 350Z

  • built in Japan
  • 2002-2007
  • 283 HP 3.5L
  • 155 mph
Angle view of Nissan 350Z
5.8 Out of 10
It's all good: The New Z looks like it was designed as a convertible from the beginning...because it was.
by MotorTrend (May, 2003)

TwinRev Review Our evaluation of GT 86 vs Nissan 350Z


Real world tests measuring pedal-to-the-metal times

GT 86
0-100mph and 0-200kph

Bang for buck

Is it a super car at a super price?

GT 86
HP/$, top speed/$, quarter mile/$ and 0-60/$

Track times

Real-world lap times and quarter mile speeds

GT 86
Quarter mile time, Top Gear lap time, Nurburgring Nordschleife lap time and 1 more


It's not a supercar unless it's ridiculous in some way

GT 86
Top speed and HP

No winner declared

Too close to call


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