Subaru BRZ  vs Nissan 350Z 

Subaru BRZ

  • $38k built in Japan
  • 2013
  • 197 HP 2.0L
  • 143 mph
Front view of Subaru BRZ
5.8 Out of 10
BRZ Premium with 6-speed manual As good as the BRZ auto is (and it's very impressive), I'm glad I drove it first, because the Premium model with the standard six-speed manual is the purist's delight.
by MotorTrend

Nissan 350Z

  • built in Japan
  • 2002-2007
  • 283 HP 3.5L
  • 155 mph
Angle view of Nissan 350Z
6.1 Out of 10
It's all good: The New Z looks like it was designed as a convertible from the beginning...because it was.
by MotorTrend (May, 2003)

TwinRev Review Our evaluation of Subaru BRZ vs Nissan 350Z


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0-60mph and 0-100mph

Bang for buck

Is it a super car at a super price?

HP/$, top speed/$, quarter mile/$ and 0-60/$

Track times

Real-world lap times and quarter mile speeds

Quarter mile time


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Top speed and HP

TwinRev Score

Acceleration, Bang for buck, Track times and Extremes

Nissan 350Z 

TwinRev recommends the Nissan 350Z  based on its acceleration, track times and extremes.

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