Road Tests Real world tests of Skyline GT-R vs Lexus LFA


Skyline GT-R
5.6 s
Lexus LFA
3.6 s
Track-sized high-performance (Carbon Ceramic) CCM brake discs and Electronically Controlled Braking system generate ultra-powerful yet stable braking.
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Top speed

Skyline GT-R
111 mph
Lexus LFA
201 mph
Skyline GT-R LFA @
An acoustically tuned surge tank linked to 10 individual throttle bodies creates a powerful induction sound.
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1/4 mile

Skyline GT-R
13.4 s
Lexus LFA
11.6 s
Skyline GT-R LFA @
The exterior design includes carefully tuned aerodynamics and airflow management.
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Nurburgring time

Skyline GT-R
Lexus LFA
Titanium valves, ultra–light weight rocker arms with a diamond–like coating and a fully integrated lower crankcase that reduces pumping losses at high RPMs combine to provide the driver with overwhelming acceleration right up to the 9,000rpm redline.
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Differences What are the advantages of each

Front view of Nissan Skyline GT-R

Reasons to consider the
Nissan Skyline GT-R

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Lighter curb weight 3,146 lb vs 3,540 lb More than 10% lighter curb weight; less inertia to overcome when accelerating
Side view of Lexus LFA

Reasons to consider the
Lexus LFA

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Faster top speed 201 mph vs 111 mph 90 more mph; leaves lesser cars in the dust on the straights
A lot faster to 60mph 3.6 s vs 5.6 s More than 35% faster to 60mph
A lot faster in the quarter mile 11.6 s vs 13.4 s Around 15% faster at the drag strip
Way more more powerful engine 553 HP @ 8,700 RPM vs 276 HP @ 6,800 RPM More than 2x stronger engine
More expensive sticker price $376k vs $45k More than 8.2x more expensive harder to own
Much bigger engine 4,800 cc vs 2,600 cc Around 85% bigger engine
More torque 355 ft-lb @ 6,800 RPM vs 261 ft-lb More than 35% stronger engine from a stand-still; more acceleration power
Higher redline 9,000 RPM vs 8,000 RPM Around 15% more revs
Really great lap time on the 20.6km Nurburgring 7:38.0 vs 8:22.38 Around 10% great lap time on the 20.6km Nurburgring

Specifications Full list of technical specs


Skyline GT-R  vs
Lexus LFA 
Brand Nissan Lexus
Price 45,000 375,875
Type of car Production car Production car
Year 1989 2010

power & handling

Power-to-weight ratio 11.4 lb/hp 6.4 lb/hp
Maximum hp 276 HP @ 6,800 RPM 553 HP @ 8,700 RPM
Maximum torque 261 ft-lb 355 ft-lb @ 6,800 RPM
Max RPM 8,000 RPM 9,000 RPM
Engine placement Front Front
Steering system Rack and pinion Rack and pinion


Displacement 2,600 cc 4,800 cc
Compression ratio 8.5:1 12:1
Bore/stroke 3.39 in / 2.9 in 3.46 in / 3.11 in
Valvetrain DOHC DOHC
Valves per cylinder 4 4

road tests

Skyline GT-R  vs
Lexus LFA 
Top speed 111 mph 201 mph
1/4 mile 13.4 s 11.6 s
0-60mph 5.6 s 3.6 s
20.6km nurburgring time 8:22.38 7:38.0


Drivetrain Full Time 4WD RWD w/Torsen LSD, TC, VSC
Gearing Traditional Traditional
# of gears 5 6
Axle ratio 4.11:1 3.42:1

suspension, wheels & brakes

Front brakes Disc Disc
Rear brakes Disc Disc

physical dimensions

Curb weight 3,146 lb 3,540 lb
Width 69.1 in 74.6 in
Height 52.8 in 48 in
Length 178.9 in 177.4 in
Front track width 58.3 in 62.2 in
Wheelbase 103 in 63.2 in
Nissan Skyline GT-R
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Lexus LFA
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